Bats in Minecraft: Everything players need to know


The bat is a rare Minecraft mob occasionally found in caves. Players can find them flying around passively or hanging peacefully on overhangs or the ceiling of the cave. Bats will often fly into lava falls as they do not register them as a threat for some reason.

While not being useful in any way, bats can serve as friends for the lonely miners down in the caverns. The only way they can be even remotely useful is if players happen to hear a squeak while looking for a cave. Gamers can then mine  event towards the squeaks, which will eventually reveal the cavel

Bats can only spawn at light level three or below, meaning they are only found in caves since the minimum nighttime light level is four. However, from October 20th to November 3rd, bats can be found in the Overworld at night as their required light level increases to six or below. This feature adds a bit of spookiness to Minecraft during Halloween.

In Superflat worlds, bats will spawn on the ground and ignore their light level requirements.

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